Radon Testing and Mitigation

Radon Testing and Mitigation

Don’t be caught off guard with this silent killer.

Radon is a tasteless, odorless, invisible gas that occurs naturally throughout the earth’s crust. It is a by-product of the breakdown of uranium in the soil, rock, and water. Over time, uranium will decay into lead. This process has fourteen steps, and radon is formed at the sixth step.

Radon gas typically moves up through the ground to the air above, and can enter your home through cracks or other openings in your foundation. Radon which escapes into the air is not a problem, since it is quickly diluted. However, radon gas that enters your house can remain trapped there, especially during the winter months when windows and doors are kept closed.

How does Radon enter your House?

As radon gas moves up through the soil, it can be drawn into your home through air pressure differences. The air pressure inside your home us usually lower than the pressure in the soil around the foundations and basement floor slab. Any home can have a radon problem – new or old, well sealed or drafty, with or without basements.

Radon Facts

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Surgeon General’s Office have estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused each year by radon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. (Based on National Cancer Institute statistics of 14,400 annual radon lung cancer deaths – Oster, Colditz & Kelley, 1984)

According to the US EPA, nearly 1 in 3 homes checked in seven states and on three Indian Lands had screening levels over 4 pCi/L, the EPA’s recommended action level for radon exposure.

We are Nationally Certified with the National Radon Proficiency Program that is recognized by the state of Utah. We are also members of the American Association of Scientists and Technologists, Inc.






Radon Testing

Have your house tested today to see what your radon levels are?

Radon Mitigation (removal)

If you have had the proper testing done and your results show that your radon levels are too high. We are qualified Nationally to mitigate your home to reduce your radon levels.

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